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Sliding On The Ground

Whatta day! I fell down on the ground this afternoon I was in my work and because it was so slippery I was out of control and fell. So embarrassing , my butt hurts and my right hand also but thanks GOD I was able to stand straight with the help of my co-worker. I tried to stand up on my own but I cannot… Funny but it was serious. Just that many kids saw me …. I am not brave as them. I must be very careful next time. Actually everyday, I used to be very careful but then today it happened.

Anyway above all I am fine. Have a safe day everyone.

Got My Followers Back

Yes so thankful that I got back my followers from blogspot to here in WP. Thanks to ruby for the help , I tried to do manual and looking for more followers also. But so glad that my old followers are here in the world of wp. She help me in my three blogs. Thanks a lot! Anyway, today I planned to go out and buy some veggies but it is really cold so just stay at home. Tonight is -7 and will be colder more everyday.

Anyway, time to get back my EC droppers then. See you around!

Finally Created My FB

What? Finally I created my FB account the other day but still not finish yet. LOL! Since I made it I wasn’t able to log in back… hahaha! Goodness! Well, this weekend I will look forward to log back in and will add my friends also. Actually I don’t know yet all the settings and set-up so need to ask from expert still.

So much for tonight folks. I will have to find time for other things around. Ha det godt!