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Let Us Dance And Sing!

Do you have a talent of singing? Yes me I have, singing alone in the corner. I love singing folks specially using akaraoke machine with grades after singing. It is more exciting right? I actually bought a karaoke machine before when I was in P.I just because I want to sing when I have free time after work. Singing can release and ease some loneliness inside. So now, my sisters used it. They are more talented than me specially my younger sis. She is into band so she needed most and more practice everyday.

For now, karaoke machines are more cheaper than before. One of my friend just bought this Christmas and it is so cheap. She told me she enjoyed with over 5,000 songs included. Well, it is ok I enjoyed it before also, so no worries at all.

What Is For Her and Him!

Valentines is coming over. Are you ready guys to give something special to your someone? Do you think of some stuff for him or her? Well, if not yet I can give you some perfect ideas for a gift that is suitable for all. For individual and even family gifts. Have you tried surfing on mattresses? This is really useful for everyone.

Mattresses can be for any occasion and not only for this coming hearts day. Make a choice of your own around their page and you will see how amazing their stuffs are. It is always feel well to be more comfortable when you are in bed using perfect mattress.

The other day I saw my old bed mattress and I ask my sister if they needed new one. Just because I can tell my sister to order it from there. Easy and no charges for delivery.

Preparing For My Exam

Goodness! Tan…tadannn…. days runs too fast and there I go. I will try to take level exam on thursday first face this is for speaking norsk. I don’t know yet what will happen really and how it will go. I just hope for the best! I am afraid, nervous most of my mates can speak very good and understand much more than me. They are clever and smart than me. But I will try, and try. I must be ready for postive or negative results. I am a kind of person who frustrates easily and will think it over and over and over until I can find solution. Hope for the best!

For preparation, I opened youtube to watch and listen some videos for someone who speaks norsk. I am not sure if they are also right but I got some new words and ideas on them.