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Stationary Collection Online

A friend of mine ask some favor from me. She wants me to visit her and teach her how to make customized invitation. Or if ever I will make one for her. This coming June her son will be baptize in church. She needs invitation for that. As of now, I am busy I don’t have time yet to make that appointment. I want to help her but a suggestion is for her to find online or to order online.

I am not sure if I can really make it for her because of my busy days. William Arthur Invitations is what I can refer to her. Suitable and perfect indeed! She can even have discounts from there. So it is not easy to get in rush so better to be safe order online. So william arthur invitations is the answer!

May 17th Cake!

Last May 17th we celebrated National Day here in Norway. That was my 2nd time around. In school we had pre-celebration before that day. It was a very good timing also because the 16th is my birthday so seems like I am celebrating birthday with them. Anway, in school we had short get together at the canteen area and staff made some programs and food.

So we get together. This cake here is so delicious. This is jelly ace with blueberries. Looks like Norway’s flag also. I had good time for that and specially it was my day also.

Acne Treatment Right Here!

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