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Affordable Invitation Cards | Cards For All Season

Have you been looking at This is my place, every time I needed some invitation for any occasion I immediate run to this page. They have fabulous, simple, elegant , affordable designs online. They have such as wonderful as what you are expecting for. Like for example, for party, holidays, graduation, baby, wedding invitations are all available at one glance. A friend of mine has a restaurant and it will be open before Christmas and now she is currently checking out thoseLow Country Boil Invitations. She will pick according to her wants. So excited to get one of her invitation. I am one of those invited so for sure I can get one invitation from her. I used to collect invitation cards and gathered it in one album.

So if you are looking for invitations for as low as $1 per piece then check at

Loving The Green Monday

Are you wondering what is Green Monday? I am pretty sure you are. At first I am so curious what is this all about, until such time that I open the page and yes I start falling in love with the items. I am a green fanatic when it comes to gadget or other stuff.

I love green collection so Green Monday fits me so much! Items that can be found like: camera, mp3, apple ipod, laptop charge and more has the touch of green colors. So cute and cool! Price are not bad, I think that they offer the most competitive price in the market. Actually, I want to buy the alarm clock that cost only $19. So cheap right?

Well, for you guys check out their page and it is for you to decide which one you like. They have hundreds of items to choose on. So hurry check now!


Do you love drinking beer? Well, well drinking a bit alcohol is not bad. Our body needs some alcohol from time to time base on what I know. October is the month that most countries celebrates October fest. Meaning, people specially teens are out and with friends , going out in bar and drink beer to the max. It is beer all day and night.

I supposed to try this event today but by some reasons I didn’t go. Raining and cold weather stops me too! So, maybe next time! So for those who are out today and drinking beer, just be careful and enjoy the celebration in a safe way!

Happy Celebration! Cheers!