Ebay shopping!

I just received my 1st ebay shopping yesterday! I bought a nail manicure and pedicure sets worth usd6 for free delivery of charge.  It was worth ordering but a bit not satisfied with the items. Well, I only paid so cheap so not much expectation for the quality but still not bad at all.

But another thing is that I am like loving for online ordering now. It seems so easy and quick way of having your items on hand. A friend of mine told me that I can do my shopping more easier at katydid clothing, since I am trying to find clothes that will fits me well. My friend used to order at Katydid Clothing so she highly recommends that online store. Hmmm.. will see then, for now I am on their page online checking out their items.

By the way here is what I ordered at ebay. Cute set actually!


Low Iron!

A month ago I was diagnosed with low iron. Months before my blood test I noticed that I felt always dizzy and so tired. I cannot stand working long time without any tiredness in me. I had that dizzy feeling for quiet long time. I did not mind it much because I thought it was just like normal stress or something not that need attention!

Good enough that I decided to have check-up! Now, I am busy finding good foods to maintain my iron level and while taking iron tablets too! Before the end of the month August I will be going to doctor again for check up | blood test. I hope for an improvement for my blood level. Will see and hope for a good results!

Designing on your own likes!

Women’s are crazy when it comes to home decors and designs. I myself would love to have the kitchen area to be the best clean area of all. I want to personalized things that the family is using and of course to have furniture that fits on the kitchen area. That would be cool right?

And for the meantime, I am loving this ovis for kitchen cabinet organizer. It looks so nice and neat! This type of organizer is wise and smart! I would really love to have one someday! Plus am looking for more cool design out there! This will be and exciting project.