Music finds love and harmony!

We are now a bit busy following show on TV about the Eurovision contest 2014. The other night we saw the last set of finalist and me and my partner were talking about music instrument while watching the show. One thing he noticed is the
yamaha psr-s750 that is being use on the show. And it gives really perfect sound.

I came to the point of remembering my old officemate. She is our keyboard girl every time we had some parties at work. She love to bring her keyboard at work and play it with us. It was worth remembering for. Having that instrument really is tempting. Wish I could really play that one.

He did not able to manage it correctly!

If you own a sound system and you use it for personal or for rental, you should have a good thd amp or amplifier. This piece of equipment is one of the main components of the a sound system. This type of equipment can also be used for music instruments such as electric guitars, base, and the like.

My uncle used to have a sound system for rent. He had a big amplifier. Because he doesn’t have time to manage it, he sold all of his equipments. It was kind of sad but he is into a new field now.

We loved partying ever!

After special school events, we loved partying. And so having a live band show was the best idea our school event coordinator have had suggested. There was a time when he hired a band to perform at a party held at our school gymnasium. The students gone wild when they performed the favorite hits of the 90′s.

When it came to the point where hiring live bands had gone too expensive, the Music Club formed a band of talented music club members who later performed in all the succeeding parties in school. Though they don’t have the high-tech band equipments, all performances were great. Surely the elation stage pack 1 at guitar center was an addition to the band’s equipment.