Designing on your own likes!

Women’s are crazy when it comes to home decors and designs. I myself would love to have the kitchen area to be the best clean area of all. I want to personalized things that the family is using and of course to have furniture that fits on the kitchen area. That would be cool right?

And for the meantime, I am loving this ovis for kitchen cabinet organizer. It looks so nice and neat! This type of organizer is wise and smart! I would really love to have one someday! Plus am looking for more cool design out there! This will be and exciting project.

Pimples is On!

Grr…. yes you read it right! I am not young anymore but why pimples is attacking now. Hmmmm… is this because of this humid and super hot weather? or something else? Well, as a solution I am trying to search on solution through ebay. There are lots of items there and they are more cheaper that buying in store.

So will see what can I buy this time! It is so annoying having these pimples and knowing that I am old enough to have them… goodness!

Swimming is good!

Swimming is one way of doing your daily exercise and that is good for the heart as experts says. We are now on our fourth day of doing our swimming at the big lake near where we live. The heats strikes here now and mostly people cannot stand with the kind of heat. So the solution is to go to the beach or lake and have a swim.

We enjoy having bonding together and having some food right after or before the swimming starts. So just now, we are just home from our session and it was really relaxing having good time in the water and of course good bonding.


Looking forward for tomorrow as it will be more hotter as the weather forecast says so. So will see!